Website & Email Hosting

Web Hosting in Saint Asaph North Wales

Looking for a home for your website? Look no further. Our affordable web hosting services are fast, reliable and secure, so your site loads up quickly and your data is safe. And we offer complete flexibility, so as your needs change, your web hosting package can grow with you.

Website & Email Hosting Packages

Mill Computers offer several website and email hosting packages starting at just £120 per year including up to five email addresses. We also offer high capacity mailboxes and an Exchange Mailbox service. Please call us to discuss your website and email hosting requirements.

Easy email forwarding

Our hosting packages also include an email forwarding service, so if you have several email addresses but only want to have to access one mailbox, then Mill Computers can automatically forward all your emails to the one place, making life easy and saving you time.

Website and Email Hosting & Maintanance

We host and maintain websites and email accounts for many local businesses and deliver a sound, no-nonsense professional service. If you are seeking a hosting solution or are looking to have your website professionally maintained please call us. We will be delighted to hear from you.